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ASICS Djokovic Challenge: Interactive Tennis Installation

THIS TENNIS LEGEND covers the court like no other, so what’s it like to play in his shoes?

A person moving on an interactive tennis court.




Novak Djokovic might just be the greatest tennis player ever, and much of that is due to his inimitable footwork. So when the re-emerging shoemaker, ASICS, announced he would be signing on as a global ambassador, it was big news for the company — and an ever bigger endorsement from the world’s number one.

We were challenged to showcase his famous footwork and launch his debut ASICS shoe in the process, so we dug deep into his training regime, techniques and on-court movements to understand what we were up against.

Approach →

We researched the way Djokovic moves around the court, analysing the way he covers ground like nobody else.

We also studied video of his training regime to understand the types of drills he performs with his trainer to keep his footwork sharp. This research would form the basis of a series of interactive training drill challenges that would attempt to mimic Novak Djokovic's on-court movement.

A diagram of an interactive tennis court installation.

Experience →

Guests competed in five drills to match Novak's agility on the court, using projected visual markers as a guide.

The experience began with an introduction to Novak’s shoe, telling the story behind it’s design features and the qualities that were important to Novak’s on-court performance. Guests could then choose to participate in one of two Training Drill Courses, stepping onto a projected marker on the court to make their selection.

A person standing on an interactive tennis court.
A person standing on an interactive tennis court.
case studies

Visual markers were projected onto the court beneath their feet, guiding them to their target areas.

The markers were also projected onto a wall in front of them to highlight where they were supposed to run to, as well as the speed at which Novak was reaching the area. Their final times would be displayed at the end of the course.

Whether through interactive art installations or even gamification, there are many creative ways to tell your brand story.

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