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Interactive Kinetic Art Sculpture

How can contemporary ART tell stories of place, culture and tradition?

A number of metallic orbs hanging in a room.

The Macallan Whisky



We were commissioned to concept, design, build and install a bespoke interactive experience for The Macallan. It was to be initially displayed at Raffles Hotel in Singapore, but designed to be completely portable.

After conducting a feasibility study on a kinetic sculpture we proceeded to conduct a research phase, in which we fully immersed ourselves in The Macallan’s deep history, values and production processes.

Approach →

We crafted a three-chapter story that showcased the distillery’s history, commitment to quality, unique features and sense of craftsmanship.

Having built the framework for a unique chronological story, we started exploring 3D formations that could be used to talk to each key aspect. We designed them to be legible from any angle and with seamless transitions between each stage.

Diagrams of an art installation.

A range of shapes and materials for the hanging pendants were explored...

the macallan kinetic sculpture

...but the final design featured copper spheres inspired by the copper stills at the distillery.

The choice of material also reflected glimmers of light from the 12 addressable LED lights installed in the structure.
The structure needed to be portable in order for it to be toured in multiple locations and easy to install, so we designed a unique hydraulic ‘ceiling’ in which the kinetic components were assembled. This ceiling could collapse to save space, and descend for electrical access. Everything was packed in custom-moulded protective foam cases for transport.
A laptop with a diagram of an art installation.
A 3D render mock-up of an art installation.

Experience →

To create a stronger, more memorable emotional connection, we know that users need to have some level of control.

A key component of our design was giving onlookers the power to explore The Macallan’s story in the way they wanted.

A hand touching an interactive screen at an art exhibition.

Transform the sculpture with the tap of a button.

A key component of our design was giving onlookers the power to explore The Macallan’s story in the way they wanted.

Our interface allowed users to tap on a formation and transform the sculptural formation shown in front of them. On the touch screen, we displayed a written story and imagery to help give context to the abstract kinetic form. Without interaction, the sculpture would continue to play through the story from start to end.

A person looking at an art installation.

Guests were transported to the River Spey, and taken on a journey into the ‘Spiritual Home’ of The Macallan.

The six interactive kinetic formations danced seamlessly from one to the next, each synced with a unique soundscape and lighting. From the ‘rolling hills’ and ‘winding rivers’ of The Macallan’s Speyside estate, to the distillation processes that makes The Macallan’s Scotch Whisky so special, guests were mesmerised as they travelled through each story.

Whether through interactive art installations or even gamification, there are many creative ways to tell your brand story.

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