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Formula E x Saudia: Regen3rate Mobile Racing Game






The all-electric racing series Formula E demands more than pure speed to win races, through emphasising precise energy management via regenerative braking over the course of the race. Racers are required to carefully balance their battery levels to reach the finish line while staying ahead of the pack.

We designed a unique mobile-first web-based racing game with the national airline Saudia. This game offers fans an opportunity to step into the driver’s seat and conquer the twists and turns of the Diriyah Street Circuit strategically.

Approach →

Our gameplay aimed to capture the essence of the thrill in Formula E: timing.

Formula E drivers use nearly every ounce of energy they’re given to race against their opponents. We’d guide the players to make the best decision possible in each circuit to lift and coast, finding the ideal moment to brake to minimise energy consumption while losing the least amount of lap time.

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We modelled the new Formula E Gen3 race cars to perfect the game’s physics engine.

Gen3 is the fastest, lightest, and most powerful electric race car ever built. Being the most efficient car in Formula E races, it recovers around 40% of its energy through regenerative braking. Our game incorporates research findings on details such as maximum speed, energy depletion rates, and regeneration rate.

By recreating the Diriyah Street Circuit and its 21 thrilling twists and turns, we immersed fans in a futuristic recreation of the  Formula E experience.

Image credit: Formula E website

Formula E races mostly take place on temporary street circuits within urban settings, challenging drivers to adapt their strategies based on each track’s unique conditions. The Diriyah Street Circuit stands out for its flowing sequence of fast, undulating corners, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the racing experience.

Experience →

Mirroring Formula E drivers, players can steer, accelerate, and brake to regenerate energy in gameplay.

Players have all essential information at their fingertips, with a user-friendly interface featuring a mini-map, current battery level, time, and speed in mph, helping them to make informed decisions on when to accelerate and brake.

Visual prompts help players time their braking at turns, affecting their lap time.

Perfect reaction times reward players with time deductions from their lap, emphasising the importance of regenerating braking. However, poor reaction times add to the lap time. Players can coast to regenerate energy, but depleting all energy results in the end of the game.

Post-game, players receive lap time data and learn about their braking performance.

A summary includes all lap times, remaining battery level, and details on brake and acceleration performance based on their reaction times.

Achieve the best lap time and climb the ranks on the leaderboard throughout the Diriyah E-prix.

The friendly competition motivates players as they strive to see themselves on the leaderboard and claim the title of the top driver.

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