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Mastercard x AO: Play & Win Case Study

Without a physical footprint, how can a brand activate fans at a Grand Slam?

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For the 2023 Australian Open, Mastercard opted to use their on-site physical footprint to focus on corporate partnerships, so when it came to activating with consumers and tennis fans, we had to think outside the box.

We set out to create an inclusive, mobile-based activity that would showcase the very best that the AO had to offer, as well as reward participants every day for the duration of the tournament.

Approach →

A mobile-based digital activation that encouraged exploration of Melbourne's sports precinct.

To make it as easy as possible for tennis fans to participate, we developed an interactive website accessible on any smartphone within the AO precinct. No app download required, and unlocked by simply scanning a QR code.

A mobile phone with a game background.

We then identified existing and upcoming features at Melbourne Park, such as artwork, statues, signs, and landmarks, and incorporate them into a web-based experience where tennis fans could explore the park, complete challenges, and win prizes. Each day of the tournament featured a different set of challenges to encourage repeat participation.

Location map of the Australian Open.

Experience →

A cutting-edge scavenger hunt featuring image recognition, geolocation, sonic challenges and AR.

Tennis fans were challenged to complete five fun, interactive activities at different locations around the sports precinct. From a broader library of eight challenges that we created, we chose a different combination of five each day of the tournament to keep fans guessing.

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Geo-fenced challenges that brought the real world into the digital realm.

Using an interactive map, they were directed to each location. When they got nearby, we automatically triggered a challenge to appear. The solution to the challenges could be found at the location they were guided to.

A mobile phone app design.

Participants could track their progress on a 3D map, and we announced their prize as soon as they completed all five challenges.

mastercard play and win

Challenges included scanning hidden features in artwork, completing trivia by finding answers on statue plaques, planting trees in AR and cracking digital codes by scanning them in the real world.

Mobile app tiles.

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