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Cadbury's Accessible Easter Case Study

How do we include kids with vision-impairment in a great Easter tradition?

A person holding a giant purple Cadbury Easter egg.




The morning Easter egg hunt is one of the holiday's most famous traditions, but children with vision-impairment often struggle to find the hidden chocolate eggs.

To help reimagine the Easter egg hunt with modern technology, we were approached by Cadbury and communications agency alt/shift. With a focus on accessible user experience design, clever technology and some custom fabrication, we were thrilled to create the world's first accessible Easter egg.

Approach →

Rather than relying on sight alone, we designed an experience built on sound.

We worked closely with Blind Citizens Australia, alt/shift/ and Cadbury to understand some of the challenges people with vision impairment might face.

Sometimes struggling to visually location the eggs hidden amongst the bushes, we explored and alternative experience that could also tap into some of the participant's other senses: hearing and touch.

A girl with musical notes around her head.

Solution →

We created the world's first Easter egg with superpowers.

Working from the ground-up, we designed and 3D printed a collection of bespoke Cadbury eggs embedded with proximity sensors and speakers, as well as Cadbury branding and text in braille.

A person painting a Cadbury egg.
To add to the experience, we crafted special lanyards embedded with beacon technology, designed to be worn by the participants during the hunt.
These lanyards could communicate with the hidden Easter eggs via Bluetooth. This enabled our software, embedded into the eggs, to know when a participant was drawing near.

Solution →

Hidden amongst the bushes, each egg emitted a unique melody, drawing the participants closer as they approached.

The melodies were specifically designed to cut through outdoor noise, and be memorable enough for each participant to seek out their specific eggs.

An adult and child holding a giant Cadbury Easter egg.
A child holding a giant Cadbury Easter egg.

Find and shake the egg to hear the celebration sound!

When found, kids were encouraged to shake the egg to stop the melodic 'searching' sound. This triggered a big celebration sound, and plenty of cheers from onlooking friends and family.

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