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Netflix x Rebel Moon: Immersive Trailer Experience






To promote Zack Snyder’s newest sci-fi film series Rebel Moon, we were approached by Netflix, alt/shift/ and LA’s Extra Credit to deliver an immersive trailer experience for fans at Melbourne’s Oz Comic-Con. The result was a cutting-edge virtual production experience that brought the latest film production technology to fans at the convention.

The Netflix activation would travel to events all around the world with great success. As Netflix’s production partner for the Australian leg of the tour, we pulled together the production team, equipment and video editors to give fans a next-level Hollywood experience that produced stunning video souvenirs perfect for social media.

The Vision →

A personalised, cinematic trailer featuring fans alongside the stars.

The goal was to seamlessly insert fans at the Oz Comic-Con event into two scenes of a 15-second Rebel Moon trailer. To pull off the effect though, we had to find a way to match the quality of the series’ USD$166M production budget.

mastercard play and win

An authentic Hollywood on-set experience with cutting-edge equipment and a professional crew.

Netflix had a vision to give sci-fi fans the most authentic, realistic and immersive experience they could. To do this, we acquired the same top-of-the-line equipment used during Netflix’s production of the series, and partnered with Melbourne’s premier virtual production company, Nant Studios. Our FutureLabs team consisted of a DOP, 1st AC, key grip and multiple video editors to film and edit in real time. This was no gimmick.

2 minutes from ‘Cut!’ to delivery.

Knowing that the activation would be a hit with such a global audience, we had to facilitate rapid turnaround times of the video souvenirs. From the moment fans stepped onto the set, our goal was to film, edit, export and upload their video souvenirs within a matter of minutes so they could instantly share with their friends.

Experience →

Step into the world of Rebel Moon.

Guests were invited to step onto an immersive recreation of the Rebel Moon set. This was an impressive curved LED volume wall arced around behind them, and they were given props if needed.

An immersive virtual production set powered by Unreal Engine.

Sensors around the LED volume wall tracked the position of the DOP and RED camera, allowing the 3D scene on the screen to adapt to the camera angles. This technology enabled us to realistically recreate scenes from the film series.

Lights, camera, action!

Our Director guided fans through their performance in two simple scenes: the first asked them to observe a spaceship as it flew past their home planet, and in the second they were able to strike a dramatic pose — with weapons and all — and stare down the barrel of the camera lens.

Trailer →

Seamlessly inserted into trailer.

Within minutes, our Rebel Moon fan would be inserted into the trailer, exported and uploaded to a personalised landing page. We even snapped a still of them on set!

mastercard play and win

Delivered via SMS or email and ready to share!

Guests received their trailer on their phones, ready to share to their favourite social network.

Outcome →

Two days of non-stop Comic Con action.

The activation was a huge success and a prominent highlight of the Oz Comic Con event. Hundreds of excited fans in full costume lined up to take part: robotic R2D2s, time-travelling Dr Who characters, Jedi Knights, and even a gigantic Baymax from Big Hero 6.

mastercard play and win

Creative collaboration across genres and disciplines.

The event brought together a collection of entertainment fans in different costumes, merging the Rebel Moon universe with characters from films, comic books and TV series from all corners of the sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

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