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NGV x Chanel:
Reflections of Rue Cambon

How can we recreate a century-old fashion landmark with today's technology?

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→           Gabrielle Chanel sits at the very pinnacle when it comes to 20th-century fashion designers, and her famous Parisian residence, 31 Rue Cambon, reflected the same timeless style as the House of Chanel. We were challenged to recreate her iconic mirror-lined staircase.

The mirrors provided a fragmented view of the fashion shows held downstairs and showcased her designs from multiple angles as her models descended the staircase. Mademoiselle Chanel would sit at the top of the stairs, watching every detail and the reactions of the guests.

Approach →

Working closely with exhibition designers at the NGV, we started exploring ways to replicate the effect.

We wanted to give guests a memorable experience as well a digital souvenir. We used high-resolution LEDs applied to a semi-cylindrical wall that reached over 3m tall, as well as DSLRs and bespoke software to mimic the effect. Using this technique, we were able to to mimic the mirrored staircase effect.

case studies
case studies

Experience →

Guests walked into one of three semi-cylindrical booths, immersing themselves in a recreation of the famous mirrored staircase.

As they moved, their image became fragmented in front of them and subtle creative effects encouraged them to experiment with different poses. A touchscreen nearby allowed them to trigger a countdown and a photo, which they could retrieve using a simple QR code method.

case studies

The ‘Reflections of Rue Cambon’ exhibit was a crowd favourite with visitors, with people lining up to have their photo taken against the famed staircase.

Guests arrived dressed to the nines, striking model poses with their friends and family. Our platform made it easy to share to their social platform of choice, and plenty of people did just that.

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