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Telstra Plus Taming Targets Interactive Quiz 





Gold Coast

Telstra Plus, Telstra's customer loyalty program, offers four membership tiers with varying perks and eligibility criteria. To make this membership program easy for staff to understand, we added a playful twist into the learning experience.

At the Frontline Expo in Gold Coast, we collaborated with CHEP Network to host an engaging multiplayer quiz game, “Taming Targets,” at the Telstra stall for members and staff.

Approach →

To stand out at an expo, we set up three large screens filled with captivating visuals and animation to catch everyone’s attention.

Even during downtime, they showcase fun and animated content. To keep the excitement going, we highlighted awards and showcased the Top 30 scores, inviting everyone to join in on the fun.

During gameplay, each player gets their own screen and competes side by side with another player, fostering a competitive atmosphere that drew people in.

To add an extra layer of excitement, we introduced “hot streaks” that fire up when a player is on a winning streak.

During these moments, points are doubled and the screen lights up in a different colour, immersing the players even further into the game and making the gameplay captivating for others to watch.

Experience →

It takes quick thinking and coordination to win your matchup.

Within a tight 60-second timeframe, the two players aim to answer as many questions as they can by tapping on targets that dynamically change in size.

We also designed SFX to build tension and excitement in the gameplay experience.

These auditory cues, including indicators for correct and incorrect answers, countdowns, and hot streaks, add to the sense of achievement and immersion.

Rise through the ranks as your Telstra Plus knowledge grows! 

To maximise engagement and encourage repeat visits, we implemented a Top 30 Leaderboard. Expo attendees returned to check their rankings each day and improve their scores for a chance to win prizes.

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