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Porsche Taycan
Immersive Experience

How do our personal values translate to our attitudes and behaviours?

A person holding interactive glass cubes.




The heritage of the Porsche brand is an exciting blend of high-level sports performance, technical innovation, style and design. Today, Porsche owners can be attracted to any number of those qualities.

To launch the Porsche Taycan, the company’s first electric vehicle, we were commissioned to design an immersive experience that celebrated and showcased the diverse personality types that Porsche attracted.

Approach →

An immersive journey that combined cognitive and emotional stimulus.

Working closely with Porsche and its partners, we defined a set of personality types based on their customer research. Around these key personas, we would design an immersive journey that combined cognitive and emotional stimulus.

Which Porsche Taycan best suits you? Explore options based on lifestyle, personal passions and idioyncracies.

The outcome would be a recommendation of a specific Porsche Taycan model that reflected the persona of each individual guest. To set the mood, we set out to transform a space at Porsche's Shanghai Experience Centre into an immersive cinema and bilingual interactive experience.

A room with a glass table and Porsche logo on the wall.

Experience →

Guests were invited into an immersive cinema space featuring a custom designed touch table with RFID-enabled laser etched cubes positioned in front of a large projector screen.

On either side were four lightboxes, one of which would illuminate based on the guest’s response and reveal a number of lifestyle objects that paired well with their chosen persona.

A person standing at an interactive screen.
An interactive screen.A logo reading 'Taycan'.An interactive screen reading 'The Sportsman'.
Four interactive objects representing different personas

Laser-etched into each of the four RFID cubes were luxury-themed symbols that represented different passions and personas: glamour, sophistication, sports and family life.

Guests were able to pick up the cube that best represented them, and place it on a sensor embedded in the touch table.
A hand placing a glass cube on an interactive panel.

The space transformed with specially-crafted video content that connected their passions with a specific Porsche Taycan model.

Through a personalised immersive experience, we created emotional connections for this luxury car maker.

Personalised premium experiences yield big results.
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