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Reimagining how people experience and interact with art.

Public art continues to evolve with new technologies, opening up new possibilities for dynamic user experiences.   

FutureLabs merges technology with art, crafting unique interactive installations that fuse beautiful physical and digital artworks with sensors, data, and AI. Our creations evolve over time, inviting users to engage in a two-way artistic dialogue.

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Listen and uncover the story

People connect with artworks when they can understand the underlying message. That message is different for every organisation, so we first take the time to listen and understand.


Find the medium to tell it

We consider the artwork's environment, brand principles and the intended user experience before proposing a medium, whether that's a kinetic sculpture, interactive projections, or something else entirely.


Elevate it with interactive tech

Our team of creative technologists and designers then explore how to elevate the experience, drawing people into our art installations with interactive technology and encouraging them to explore, play and discover.

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