Exploring AI Video Creation: Dancing Schools of Fish

Elias Proctor

Recently, we've been expanding our in-house creative toolkit and exploring the exciting potential of AI-driven animated art.

Defining The Concept

We aimed to transform a dancer’s image into a scene where a school of fish shapes itself to mimic the dancer’s form, then bring the scene to life through AI-powered animation. We were inspired by this post on CivitAI.

We chose this concept because we knew it would present some interesting challenges, and would allow us to explore a common request we receive from clients and partners: how can we combine Element A with Element B to turn something from our imagination into something real?

Merging Creative Ideas: Dancers and Fish

We trained the AI using a video of a dancer (credit: Yan Krukau) and were then able to integrate the fish, getting them to group together in a way that mimicked the silhouette of the dancer.

Using an image of a dancer presented some difficulties, as the algorithm needs to grasp the specific features of the dance while avoiding unnecessary background elements. Extending this style to other source images adds another layer of complexity, but through trial and error, we were able to achieve consistent results.

Sample Animation Results

AI continues to open up opportunities for creating personalised content in limitless visual styles, and we see it as an exciting tool to help visualise creative concepts.

Connect with us as we continue to explore this exciting realm, and discover how you could explore new creative concepts through AI.

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