FutureLabs on “Talking Tech”: Easter Egg Hunts, Technology, and the Passion for Creativity

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In the latest episode of TNT Radio, Daniel Hewitt, co-founder of FutureLabs had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with Alex Zaharov-Reutt about the captivating realms of technology, inclusivity, and the enchantment of the Accessible Egg Hunt Campaign with Cadbury. Here's a recap of the highlights from our conversation.

The World’s First Accessible Easter Egg Hunt

In collaboration with FutureLabs and Alt/Shift, marked a historic milestone as Cadbury hosted Australia’s inaugural inclusive Easter egg hunt tailored for children with vision impairments.

"Every year, Easter brings an opportunity to gather with loved ones – friends, family, siblings. However, for children with vision impairments, this cherished experience remained elusive. Recognizing this gap, Cadbury, known for their commitment to spreading joy and inclusivity across all walks of life, sought to give back to these children by pioneering a groundbreaking initiative," - Daniel explained.

The innovative solution? An audible Easter egg equipped with sonic sound and motion detection technology. Strategically placed within a garden or designated environment, these specially designed eggs allowed children to navigate the hunt by listening for distinctive sounds, thus experiencing the magic of Easter without reliance on sight.

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The Heartwarming Impact of the Accessible Easter Egg Hunt 

Resonated far beyond Melbourne's borders, as Sydney embraced the inclusive spirit with its own rendition of the event this year. Originating from the sheer joy of children, Daniel ignited a sense of excitement among youngsters aged seven to ten, many of whom had never experienced an Easter egg hunt before. Their faces lit up with anticipation as the realisation dawned upon them: "I'm actually going to do this!"

“What truly tugs at the heartstrings is witnessing the participation of not just the children but also their parents and guardians. For many of them, this was an entirely new experience” - said Daniel.

The profound impact of the event was palpable as tears of joy flowed freely, underscoring the immense significance of even the smallest gestures in bringing joy and inclusivity to all.

Enhancements in Accessible Easter Egg Technologies

This has been a focal point for FutureLabs, as they strive to make technology more enjoyable and accessible for all users. This commitment to user-centric innovation underscores their overarching goal of ensuring that technology is not only functional but also fun and enjoyable for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

"We're constantly in the process of prototyping and refining these products. We're always on the lookout for small advancements that can make a big difference. Whether it's refining the form factor, optimising battery size, or enhancing sensor capabilities, we're dedicated to making incremental improvements in these products and technologies." - explained Daniel.

By continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and incorporating user feedback, FutureLabs aims to create Easter egg technologies that not only meet the needs of users but also enhance their overall experience, fostering a sense of joy and inclusivity for all.

The Impact of AI on Modern Workflows

FutureLabs has accelerated idea visualisation by the transformative impact of AI, particularly Gen AI, in expediting the process of idea creation for our clients. We have streamlined the process of idea visualisation, significantly accelerating the creation of concepts for their clients.

"With Gen AI, the impact on our daily workflow is profound," Daniel highlighted. "Tasks that once required days of manual effort to mock up ideas can now be completed within minutes with the assistance of AI-powered tools. This not only expedites the creative process but also fosters better understanding and alignment with our clients."

As a result, FutureLabs is able to deliver more innovative solutions to our clients in a fraction of the time, ultimately driving greater efficiency and satisfaction for all parties involved.

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From Passion and Love for Technology: A Driving Force in FutureLab’s Journey

When the opportunity presented itself to venture out on their own, Daniel embraced it wholeheartedly, driven by a desire to turn his passion into a tangible reality. Despite facing the challenges that come with starting a business, including limited resources and financial constraints, FutureLabs remained undeterred by the prospect of uncertainty. As a result, FutureLabs flourished, expanding its presence from Melbourne, Australia, to various regions across Asia.

"People might say I'm a bit crazy to do something like this. But as I said, I've always had a passion for technology, computers, graphics... When I had the opportunity to go out on my own and do it again. And I think that's the most important thing - I just did it because I loved it and I didn't worry about anything else. And 10 years later, we've got offices here in Australia, here in Melbourne, right into Asia as well"
"It's kind of cool just to see it naturally evolve. And again, it was just back to doing it for the love of it, the passion" Daniel reflected.

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