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Foot Locker:
Every Court Counts AR

How can we collaborate with influencers to SHOWCASE their personal style?


Foot Locker



To promote their ‘Every Court Counts’ campaign, we partnered with Foot Locker to design a series of premium AR filters custom-designed exclusively for six social media influencers.

The AR filters were immersive basketball stadiums designed in unique, creative ways inspired by the personal style of each influencer.

Approach →

Influencers received a personalised seeding kit, featuring a pair of Jordan sneakers and a QR code link that would reveal their personal basketball court when scanned.

Influencers could then create screen-recordings of their AR experience, sharing it with their followers on social media, along with a link to their AR filters for others to experience.

Each court had a distinct style. Some were glamorous, with gold and marble features. Others were retro-styled and inspired by old school arcade games.

The love for basketball and sneakers knows no bounds, drawing in a diverse crowd from various backgrounds, each with their unique personality and style. From well-known rappers and NBA superstars to trend-setting sneakerheads, we designed a virtual court that mirrored each influencers' tastes—a court that speaks to who they are and resonated with their fans.

Experience →

The AR adventure begins with a locker that bursts open with a tap, instantly transporting users into an immersive basketball arena.

The influencer’s name lights up on a digital jumbotron above the court and on signs around the stadium. Aesthetic light structures on the ceiling add an extra touch of style to the immersive experience.

We also created an immersive soundscape, offering fans an interactive auditory experience.

As they explore the virtual space, they'll hear the cheers of the crowd, the squeak of shoes on the court, the ref’s whistle, and the ball’s dribble. These audio details enhance the fan’s spatial awareness, making them feel like they’re right there on the basketball court, right inside the influencer’s world.

An experience worth sharing.

Influencers were excited to share their personalised courts with their followers, whilst promoting Foot Locker at the same time. Fans got in on the action as well, jumping into the AR filters on Instagram.

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