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SkinCeuticals’ story began in the world of academic science with a discovery that set the standard for modern antioxidant formulation. Research and evidence are at the core of its brand ethos.

Together with PIM Group and Makara Design, we built an interactive ‘PlayTable’ that travels throughout Australia. Attendees at business events are invited to touch, feel and learn about the scientific root of SkinCeuticals skincare solutions.

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To create a lasting impression with the products, we wanted the users to get hands-on with them.

We integrated sensors in the products and table to make accessing information a simple and intuitive process. By simply lifting and placing the product on the sensors to retrieve information, the learning experience becomes satisfying and motivates the users to actively seek out more across other products on the table.

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Form driven by function.

Crafting a PlayTable involved careful planning to address diverse needs, such as accommodating a growing product range with different packaging sizes, ensuring durability during transportation, and optimising traffic flow to accommodate customers guests and brand ambassadors at any one time.

After thorough testing, we opted for an aluminium base and a premium white Onyx Corian tabletop, which featured three interactive plates with different cutout sizes for multiple product dimensions.

The strategically positioned plates facilitate smooth traffic flow at business events, allowing multiple groups of users to engage with the table simultaneously without causing disruptions.

LED strips on the table's base project the SkinCeuticals logo onto the floor, creating ambience lighting.

Experience →

Place skincare products on a sensor to learn more.

As each product is placed onto the sensor relevant information is displayed on the touchscreen, providing users with scientific insights tailored to that specific product.

Image credit: PIM Group

Image credit: PIM Group

Image credit: PIM Group

Whether it’s before-and-after results or the more robust scientific white papers, users can seamlessly navigate through all content with the touchscreen.  

We break down the information into four main categories, addressing common curiosities while highlighting the clinical papers, accompanied with imagery and videos to make learning captivating.

mastercard play and win

By adding hands-on experiences and interactive content with your product, you can forge a stronger, lasting impression on your audience.

We can create a custom toolkit that is tailored to your brand’s unique voice and needs.
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