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Immersive & Interactive

Capturing the imagination with everything from immersive projections to touchtables.

Wowing your audience with stunning, immersive visuals is one thing, but one path to truly memory-making user engagement through an added layer of interactivity.

Our team of interactive designers, 3D/2D motion graphics experts, software developers and creative technologists love nothing more than combining their unique skill sets to craft memorable interactive experiences. Let us show you how we do it.

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Understand the environment

One of the keys to a successful immersive and interactive experience is crafting it with the space in mind. That includes physical dimensions, lighting situations and bump-in restrictions.


Design extraordinary experiences

With an integrated team of creatives, technologists, producers and fabricators, we set out to design unforgettable experiences from the ground up, starting with a well-considered user journey.


Create, build and install

We bring the idea to life with content production, design, animation and set design, and work with our fabricators to build and install any physical elements and technology — no matter where in the world we're doing it.

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